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Air Fryer Parchment Paper Liners, 100 Pcs Parchment Paper for Air Fryer, 9 Inch White Air Fryer Paper Liners, Non-Stick Steamer Liners for Oven, Microwave, Bamboos Steaming Basket

Air Fryer Parchment Paper Liners, 100 Pcs Parchment Paper for Air Fryer, 9 Inch White Air Fryer Paper Liners, Non-Stick Steamer Liners for Oven, Microwave, Bamboos Steaming Basket

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  • ❀ 9 Inches Pre-cut Size ❀ 9 inch air fryer parchment paper are made available for 9 inch air fryer basket/metal steamer/bamboo steamer/ovens /microwaves (Tip: Please measure the dimension of the inner basket and choose the suitable size you need).
  • ❀ Non-Toxic & Non-Stick ❀ Parchment paper for air fryer are made from 100% food grade pulp, no fluorescent agent, hygienic, 100% safe. And the non stick coating on the surface allows you to pick up the perfect food. So you can enjoy healthy and nice food.
  • ❀ Ensure Steam Circulation ❀ All the holes of air fryer parchment paper are designed well conforms to the working principle of the air fryer. The size and number of holes can not only accelerate the air circulation in the air fryer to maintain the taste of food, but also the perfect shape of food.
  • ❀ Heat Resistant ❀ Our air fryer paper liners have good heat resistance and can withstand up to 450 ℉(230 ℃).To ensure you have a safe and good use experience, you need to put enough food on airfryer parchment liners after preheating the air fryer.
  • ❀ Easy to Clean ❀ Numola air fryer parchment liners can protect the coating of the inner basket in the air fryer, keeping your steamers and air fryers free from food residue, reducing the damage to the non-stick coating. Make sure your pot still looks a new one after many times of use.

Product Description


Numola liners for air fryer --Made of 100% food grade pulp, non-stick, non-toxic, safe and sturdy, which can not only maintain the taste of food but also can easily carry out the follow-up cleaning. It is a good choice in your kitchen for you.

About Numola
  • Numola is a brand dedicated to creating a wonderful home & kitchen experience for you. Over the past few years, Numola has been favored by many customers with high quality.
  • There is a common theme that we always insist on bringing convenience, cleanliness to your daily life and keeping the characteristics of practicability.

How to get right size parchment paper?

*All size refer to the diameter of the round parchment paper

1. Measure the pot and tools before you make the purchase.

2. Enter your air fryer model in the search box under "Customer questions & answers", some kind buyers answer the question about the size of the paper liners, post their brand, model, and right size of air fryer below.

3.If you can't find the answer through the 2nd method, you can post a clear question yourself (with information of your air Fryer like: brand/ model/ QT). We and other buyers will provide some references for you.

  • Note: Make sure to place enough food or something on top of the liners to avoid having them fly away or get burned by the heating element! Please put the liners in the air fryer AFTER preheating.


The round parchment papers keep your steamers and air fryers free from food residue to make clean up easier. Speeding up prep time and shortening clean up time.


Heat resistant up to 450℉ (230℃) will make your parchment liners keep perfect thickness during cooking. An indispensable accessory of air fryer!


Our air fryer parchment paper liners are waterproof, grease-proof, and non-stick, which make it easier to remove food and keep your food nice look and tasty.


Do Not put the parchment liners in the basket and preheat your air fryer without food on top.


High quality raw materials and mature production technology make our products reach a proper thickness, strong and tough. Good flexibility makes it hard to break even in water.


100% unbleached natural wood pulp filter paper is safe and non-polluting.Because it doesn’t be added any grease or oil to keep healthy and non-toxic which is in line with our concept of green life.


All the holes are combined with the working principle of the air fryers. Enough and proper holes help to speed up the steam circulation in air fryers or steamers, which bring you a good taste.

Material Wood Pulp Wood Pulp Wood Pulp Wood Pulp Wood Pulp Wood Pulp
Suitable for Air Fryer
Heat Resistant
Good Air Circulation
Easy to Take Off
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